Ginger Orange Guide :Yogasphere – Yoga in the Clouds

With an ever changing landscape of new styles and studios, yoga has become more flexible for a variety of urbanites. The Capitals increasing love for yoga, from vinyasa flow to kripalu or even yoga dating (yes this does exist!) has led to more and more sensational locations available for the city’s every growing yogi population.


If you are bored with your local studio or just fancy a change of scenery then Yogasphere is the solution. Yogasphere offer a variety of awe-inspiring locations for their vinyasa flow style classes, the tallest building in Europe being one available for the yogi’s of London. The Shard offers the perfect platform for a unique yoga experience, enabling you to escape city life. The 360 degree, 1016 feet view of London’s skyline is enough to make you feel like you are floating amongst the clouds and above the rush of urbanisation. With 15 minutes at the end and beginning of each class to appreciate the view, Yogasphere really allow you to take a breather and gain the most from the class’s exclusive venue. Although on this October morning London’s skyline was blanketed in a layer of fog, the experience was anything but hindered as the location creates shivers giving you the feeling that you are untangling your body in half moon pose from within the clouds.yogapshere

The Yogapshere class started in a gentle manner, with light movements and breathing exercises but quickly advanced into a variety of fast-paced sequences such as a section of continuously moving between plank pose to downwards dog! Returning to the gentler pace for the end of the session, the class is well balanced between sweat-breaking and relaxing- leaving you feeling like the warrior you have been posing.

Mandy Jhamat, one of Yogasphere’s co-founders, led the class and is usually accompanied by other co-founder Leo Lourdes, a successful well-being coach and another top yoga instructor. Mandy is wildly recognised as one of the best, even being named ‘one of the UK’s top yoga teachers’ by Marie Claire magazine. We loved the gentle and encouraging teaching style that Mandy practised as it allowed yogi’s of all levels to feel comfortable throughout the class. She is constantly guiding you through movements and helping each individual with poses in which they may be struggling, this supportive approach allows everyone to get the most out of each pose. If you are experienced or a yoga newbie this class offers the opportunity to improve your technique from a great height. Each class ends with Shavasana allowing time to unwind before each participant receives a goodie bag full of healthy treats- giving you the perfect ammunition to take on the rest of the day’s adventures!

yogapshereThis class offers a view that cannot be seen from any other spot in the world- that alone is enough to inspire without mentioning Mandy’s ability to relax and empower each individual. You will leave feeling encouraged to continue your yoga journey as the open level standing of Yogasphere encourages all to try yoga in some breath-taking locations – the Shard just being one.

*Yogasphere weekly classes at the Shard are from 8:15 to 9:45 every Saturday morning


Written by Hayleigh