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Ginger Orange’s Top 10 Adventure Holiday Destinations 2016

Need some colour in our life other than Brexit blue? Fancy sprinting up a volcano? Partying in Mexico? Or getting your chill on in Kefalonia? Whatever your reasons for grabbing the suitcase/rucksack/yoga bag, here are Ginger Orange’s top 10 adventure holidays for 2016. Sometimes we all need a little adventure in our lives…

1. Day of the Dead Festival, Mexico

Enjoy the British summer (ahem) and save your holiday for when the weather turns cold and the nights draw in. Head to Mexico City in late October for this dark but riotously colourful festival. Celebrate all those who have passed from the land of the living by painting your face, pulling on your La Reina Mora leggings, feasting on some sweet pan de muerto bread and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Day Of The Dead

2. Havana, Cuba

The US are moving towards normalising relations with this Caribbean island for the first time since the Cold War. This thawing could mean an end to the US trade embargo. Ginger Orange loves it when we all get along but will this soon mean there’ll be a Starbucks on every corner? A MacDonalds on every block? Get yourself to Cuba in 2016 to ensure you get the most of the rich culture. Drive a 1950s Cadillac, sip rum (maybe not at the same time!), clamp a fat cigar between your teeth and get ready for your cultural adventure.


3. West Donegal, Ireland

With beaches called things like ‘The Murder Hole’, wild seas and wilder craic, it’s amazing that West Donegal remains so un-touristy. Grab a surf board, strap yourself to a land yacht or brace yourself on your wind surfer: W.Donegal has some of the best wind and waves in Europe. When you’re done, settle in to the local pub and reward yourself with a Guiness. You could even try chewing on some local dulse seaweed… (It’s full of vitamins and minerals and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties!).

Great China wall

 4. Great Wall Marathon, China

Flat marathons are so 2015. If you’re looking for a real running adventure get yourself to China. Staring at the beautiful old fortress in Huangyagyang, you’ll run, scrabble and climb over bricks as old as 220 BC. Absorb the history and beauty of the surrounding areas then reward yourself with the biggest plate of dumplings you can find.

5. Wadi Rum, Arabia

The Wadi Rum Valley is carved deep into the sandstone and granite of Southern Jordan. Made famous by the film Lawrence of Arabia (the real T.E. Lawrence travelled through it during the Arab Revolt), you can retrace those steps on foot, by camel, or if those Manolos aren’t a fan of sand, by Jeep. Wonder at the beauty of the Jebel Khazali mountains. Trace the wall paintings. Stand in awe atop the Burdah Bridge… And then head back to the hotel for G&T (well, it is anti-malarial you know…).


 6. Via Ferrata, Italy

Head to the Via Ferrata (iron bridge) in the Dolomites for an amazing climbing adventure. Whether you’re a newbie climber or a true rock monkey, there are graded climbs, walks and scrambles through the mountains. You’ll be harnessed and clipped in at all times so you can forget about the drop and enjoy the stunning scenery.

7. Yoga in Kefalonia, Greece

Stuck in a sweaty yoga studio in the city? Friends’ Instagram posts are all beach postures and infinity pool meditation? Get yourself to Greece! The sleepy little village of Vigla in Kefalonia is home to some of the most beautiful cliff top and beach yoga. Practice twice a day with local yogis, go to meditation classes and top it off with fresh, healthy Greek food from local restaurants. Your shoulders will drop, your brow will unknit and you’ll finally have that Instagram-worthy downward dog shot.


 8. Motorbike across Siberia

Beaches bore you? Claustrophobic in crowds of holidaymakers? Straddle a motorbike and Ride the Road of Bones through the Siberian wilderness. The history of this road is as chilling as the local weather – soak it all up as you cruise through the one of the remotest landscapes on earth. If Ewan McGregor can do it…

9. Run up a volcano in Lanzarote

Have a triathlon coming up? The volcanic hills of Lanzarote and the smooth, calm seas provide the most amazing training ground. No wonder it is now home to super high-end training camps capitalizing on the natural facilities. Get the edge on your competitors by beasting yourself up volcanoes and freestyling around the coast. Then you can relax in the camp with a massage, dinner and a soak in the pool.


10. Mayan Adventure in Belize

The Crystal Skull may not have been the best Indiana Jones movie. It did, however, show off some stunning scenery and Mayan ruins. Channel your inner Indi, head to Belize, stay in a jungle lodge and go in search of your own Mayan adventure. Now where did we leave our whip…?

Written by Martha

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