Top 20 things to do in Thailand

Top 20 Things to do in Thailand

Anywhere you explore there is always the food: delicious and cheap. You are never far away from an authentic Pad Thai, Tom Yam, papaya salad or mango sticky rice, you’ll never again look at your favourite Thai takeaway the same way.

But the most enduring impression Thailand imprinted on me was simply the warmth and happiness of the people and the friendliness of the locals. It’s impossible to explore the whole of Thailand in one trip, but here are my must dos and the cities, coasts and activities you simply can’t afford to miss.

BangkokTop 20 things to do in Thailand

1. Shop in the famous Siam Square

2. Check out Bangkok’s legendary nightlife

3. Visit the Grand Palace and Phra Kaew

4. Admire the giant golden reclining Buddha in Wat Pho

5. Escape the chaos and enjoy a riverboat trip along the Chao Phraya

6. Eat the street food, follow your nose, don’t be afraid to try new things.

Chiang Mai

7. Peruse the arts, crafts and clothes at the 1km long Sunday market on Ratchadamnoen Road

8. Visit the impressive temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, built high on a mountain (take a moped up to catch an amazing sunset)

9. Practice yoga, take a meditation course, relax with an authentic Thai massage. The meditation centre Doi Suthep Vipassana is a popular one, providing meditation courses for all abilities

10. Take a cookery class and learn the art making the perfect spring roll

11. Spend a day with elephants, make sure to pick a farm where the beautiful animals are loved and looked after.


12. Hire a moped to explore the lush greenery that makes up Pai

13. Watch the sunrise at Yun Lai viewpoint whilst sipping freshly brewed tea

14. Take a cooling dip in the Mhor Phaeng Waterfall

15. Admire the views from Pai Canyon, take a trek along the rusty narrow paths if you dare

Top 20 things to do in Thailand

Coast and the Islands

16. Visit Railay a small peninsular between Krabi and Ao Nang, it’s a magical place not to be missed with the best white sand beaches

17. Make friends with monkeys

18. Take a rock climbing course and be prepared to sweat

19. Go scuba diving or snorkeling in the clearest waters

20. Eat an abundance of the fresh exotic fruit available, mangosteens and rambutans are delicious!

Remember on planning a visit that there are three seasons: hot (from March to May) cool (November to February) and the rainy season (roughly from May to October). In Southern Thailand and along the Andaman Coast the rain can hit hard and the seas can be rough, so if you’re planning a wet season trip, don’t forget to be prepared and pack your poncho!


Written by Sophie

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