Bio: I compete in marathon and ultra distance races and have found that yoga provides the perfect balance to running – keeping me flexible and strong and helping me work through and heal any niggles or injuries. My Ginger Orange leggings always make me feel potent and put a kick in my step – I’m sure they’ve helped to a few PBs!

Favourite fitness activity: Running: all you need is a pair of trainers (and a good sports bra!) and you’re off. For someone who has a racing mind, going out for a run can be a form of meditation. I can leave my problems on the road…

Favourite food: My friend April’s cashew nut cheese. When I moved to a plant-based diet the only thing I really missed was cheese. Once I’d tasted April’s homemade cashew, cranberry and dill blend I knew everything was going to be ok! She has even give me lessons so I can make it myself (and am not constantly pestering her for more!)

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee (and more coffee…)

Life Motto: Run your own race