LaraBio: My background comes from extensive years of studying pilates in depth, gyrotonic , gyrokinesis, Garuda and Booty Barre. I fell in love with the Barre method and trained with Tracy Mallet who is a wonderful inspiration and friend. With a background in literature and journalism together with my scientific approach to body work, I am a health and image consultant and a lifestyle journalist at major arabic publications like  “Sayidaty” and a contributing writer for various blogs including Hip and Healthy and Healthy is the New Black. Currently I’m working on my own fitness blog, Body by Lara, and my youtube channel where I’ll post fitness videos, nutrition and food tips!

Favourite fitness classes/sports activities: Any form of exercise provided that it’s pilates based. I love the combination of pilates and barre. Barre classes have cardio intervals which pushes the body to work harder; Also metabolic training combined with barre moves. Any work that can challenge my body!

Favourite Food: As many greens as possible. I love pomegranates in salads with grains, all fresh, organic and sourced from local farms.

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee! Full bodied, strong and organic.

Life Motto: “We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, Our willingness to embrace what is truer than what feels good.” Carl Sagan