Anya Ginger Orange AmbassadorBio:  After competitively swimming for Great Britain for 4
years, training 43 hours a week I have practically
grown gills! Since leaving the water for new fitness
adventures, I have become passionate about passing on all
my knowledge I have gained from working with some of the
best sports professionals in the UK.  In more
recent years I am fully trained in Pilates, high intensity
dance cardio and Barre method, ever since coming
across it in Abu Dhabi and falling in love! My constant love
for life keeps me positive, driven and hungry to
discover what the rest of the world has to offer.
Favourite Fitness Activity: I like to vary my fitness
between Barre, pilates, yoga and crossfit but my fitness
obsession lies with barre- that burn is just so addictive!
Favourite Food: Like me, my favourite foods originate from
the water. I love seafood, especially sushi!
Guilty Pleasure: It has to be Peanut Butter
Life Motto: No regrets- everything happens for a reason.