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Ginger Orange Guide: TANYA’S CAFÉ

Tucked away on a Chelsea side-street is Tanya’s Café: a secret garden of creeping ivy, prettily potted blooms and, most importantly, some of the tastiest plant-based raw dishes in London.

Behind the bar is a rainbow of herbs in glass containers and, thanks to the open kitchen, you can watch the chefs expertly blending, spiralizing and teasing out their beautiful raw creations… And each plateful really is beautiful – making it easy to understand why Tanya’s has become one of the most Instagrammed cafés in London.

Tanya cafeFrom our table on the terrace we ordered a cheekily-named ‘Morning Chlory’ – a steaming mug of hot water, infused with lemon and chlorophyll. Trying to put previous experiences of pond-tasting spirulina shots out our minds we were delighted that the Morning Chlory was sweet, tangy and grassy – making it a refreshing way to get a high dose of chlorophyll and benefit from all of it’s anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

We then opted for a ‘My Warrior’ smoothie with pineapple, almond milk, banana and Sunwarrior vanilla protein. It was like a sophisticated banana milkshake with just a hint of zing from the pineapple (as well as being a great way to help my muscles recover from the morning run!)

While we waited for our mains, we sampled some of wonderfully ginger-fuelled ‘My Doctor’ juice, and snacked on perfectly spiced and satisfyingly chewy (something that is often lacking in plant-based food!) coconut jerky and cashew crusted kale chips. Then settled into a little sunspot, eager for the main event: big white bowls piled high with colourful salads. In our ‘European Adventure’, the mix of mini salads all complemented each other beautifully: a pickled purple cabbage that brought a light acidity and crunch, a nutty quinoa mixed with creamy avocado and a grassy courgettini – all surrounding a spoon of smoky hummus, sprinkled with nuts for a punchy saltiness.

Tanya cafe

The food at Tanya’s Café is not only amazing for its delicate balance of textures and flavours but is also immensely satisfying – compounded by the knowledge you’re doing something awesome for your body – we are sure we had about a weeks worth of ‘5-a-days’!

Finally, unable to resist the display of caramel shortbreads, bliss balls, and cakes we chose a light and creamy blueberry cheesecake and a richly dense peanut butter and cacao cake and, powered by plants and good vibes, strolled over to Hyde Park to chill on the grass and savour the final flavours from Tanya’s in the sunshine.

Written by Martha

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