So that we can all safely sip our sangrias outside, here is Ginger Orange’s Guide to protecting your skin this summer:


The British Summer is (sort of) upon us. But whether you’re staycationing or vacationing, you need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Yes, even on a cloudy day doing downward dogs in Hackney’s Victoria Park!

The latest research has revealed that up to 25% of Britain’s blonde and brunette population may carry the ‘red-head gene’. They might miss out on having fabulous fiery ginger hair (not that Ginger Orange is biased), but are still more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. This means they are more at risk of premature aging and melanoma. But, whether a secret ginger, are dark, olive or pale skinned – we all need to guard against the damaging effects of the sun. So that we can all safely sip our sangrias outside, here is Ginger Orange’s Guide to protecting your skin this summer:


Ahh the hat, it solves so many of life’s problems! Bad hair? Hat! Skin misbehaving? Hat! Want to avoid eye contact with people on public transport? Hat!!… They are also fabulous at keeping your face protected from UVA and UVB rays. Just don’t forget the rest of your body needs protection too!


Natural health bloggers like The Wellness Mama make their own sunscreen from ingredients with a natural SPF like almond and coconut oil. As they haven’t been rigorously tested it’s hard to say what the final SPF is. So, it may be safer to stick to store bought versions. However, if you’re aiming for chemical free, DIY skin protection, it’s worth checking this option out:

Coconut oil


It might be a no-brainer, but many of us forget this summer skin saviour on cloudy days. UV rays can still penetrate through thin clouds, so you are still at risk on overcast days. Make like an Australian and ‘slip slap slop’ on the cream whatever the weather!

Natural Sunscreen:

Trying to avoid dosing your skin with chemicals but don’t want to make your own? There are more natural sunscreens available in shops and online. Green People make sun cream that is organic and free from harsh chemicals. It is also marine friendly!

Self Tan with Protection:

Would you rather be more glow-girl than pale and interesting? Old-school self-tanners won’t protect you from the sun or that white shirt from streaks… Thankfully, there are now streak-free sunless tanners with SPF. Check out the fab Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer with Sunscreen:

DIY Self-Tan:

From buckthorn berries to walnut oils, bloggers like Kris Carr rule when it comes to DIY self-tan recipes. Make sure you test the colour on a small patch of skin before applying or your honey glow could be more dayglo. And remember that looking like you’ve spent two weeks in Aruba won’t actually protect you from UVA and UVB rays. You’ll still need to use sun protection.

Sunscreen has never managed to be hip. However, a smearing on a layer of cream is way cooler than sunburn, wrinkles or melanoma… So to protect your skin in style this summer with a good SPF and one of S/S2016’s most gorgeous hats.

Written by Martha

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