Hero of the Month – Poppy Cross

Today I interviewed Poppy Cross – health and fitness blogger, TV presenter and super-friendly and fun interviewee. Her inspirational blog is refreshingly grounded and honest: she’s known for cutting through new fitness trends to tell her readers what’s fact and what’s fad. Combine that with Poppy’s warm, open energy and kick-ass body and you can see why she’s so much in demand.

Poppy has a lot going on right now: running her blog, finishing her e-book for it’s imminent release and filming for Channel 4 – so we had to grab a few minutes on the phone. We chatted about Poppy’s background, what inspires her, what she loves most about London and what the future holds (and by the end of the interview I was promising her I would learn to meditate… she really is inspirational!)

What’s your background? I’ve been a writer for about a decade now. I started off writing about luxury lifestyle but naturally gravitated towards health and fitness. I realised that that was what I was passionate about and that was how I wanted to spend my time – so I decided to focus on it! I set my own website up and started writing for publications like The Mail, Tatler and Psychologies.

PoppyCrossWhat is your favourite exercise? I love running: all you need is a pair of trainers. You can find a park and get out of the concrete jungle, find some nature and just run and you don’t have to think about what you’re doing, you can just switch off and then feel great afterwards!

What does your usual day look like? There’s no such thing as a usual day really! It can start with a 6.30am review of a class, then writing articles for different publications, followed by finishing work on my e-book. I’m also working on a Channel 4 fitness programme at the moment, that I’m co-presenting, so I’m going to meetings for that too. I asked if Poppy could tell me any more about the programme but her lips were sealed. All she could tell me was that it would be out in August 2016 – we’ll be looking out for it!

What do you like to eat? I really like to have a freedom with my diet. I love eating what makes me feel good – for health, vitality and performance rather than just to look a certain way. I’m fairly relaxed I think when it comes to diet – my focus is on balance. I’m always looking at what’s going to make you feel the best and what’s the best diet in terms of longevity and disease prevention – I get all my information from top physicians and nutritionists. I couldn’t care less about these quick fix diets that aren’t healthy or sustainable!

Do you have any guilty pleasures? I just don’t seem as guilty! If I want chocolate, I’ll have it. If I’m at a friend’s for dinner and they’ve cooked a spaghetti Bolognese and then we have apple crumble for pudding, that would be awesome – food and occasions are there to be celebrated. I think it’s really important to allow yourself to have those things that are considered ‘naughty’.

Do you have anybody or anything that inspires you? Everything! I get so much inspiration from everyday life. Take the good deed feed in the metro – it’s amazing! Whilst we can all have idols such as an Olympic athlete, a politician, a human rights representative etc and people at the pinnacle of their careers – it’s so important to remember to draw inspiration from anyone or thing that has a positive impact on someone’s life.

Do you have a motto that you live by? Learn to love yourself and be kind to yourself and others. I think a lot of people put crazy expectations on themselves.

PoppyCrossAnd what does the future hold for you? I’m getting into presenting more and more now. I’ve just done something for Les Mills Live at the Excel Centre, which was really fun, and I’m presenting on this programme for Channel 4 – and now there seem to be other things popping up too. The presenting is something that is really new for me and is just really, really fun. My ebook is also going to be coming out in a couple of weeks. I think, in the future, I’d like to do more ebooks too – and be able to give that reliable voice that helps distinguish between what’s a fad and what’s worth doing. Really, I’d just love to do everything and keep enjoying it all!

Do you have any favourite spots in London? I love the parks: they are one of the most amazing things about London. Earlier today I went through Hyde Park on the way to a meeting and just stealing those moments in peaceful spots – seeing the daffodils and the ducks in the pond – can help you have a bit of mindfulness. I’m really getting in to mindfulness and meditation- it is so important to be aware of the health of your mind as well as your body.

Do you have any personal hero? I have lots. I am really lucky to have been brought up by amazing parents – they’re incredible and inspirational people to me. Friends and family and people in the fitness industry are all sources of inspiration for me for different reasons.

Lastly, if you could choose a superpower, what would you pick? I’d like to be able to fly! I hate flying on planes so if I could fly myself to places then that would be awesome!


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