Lomax studio

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Small group personal training at LOMAX, Chelsea

LOMAX, in the heart of Chelsea, is a hip London fitness hub that embraces all aspects of health and wellness.

From it’s basement cycle studio, bright airy gym floor, studio spaces, Nutrition Clinic, Performance Clinic (massage therapy, physio & acupuncture) to it’s relaxed Grill Market ground floor café serving locally sourced food with a chilled Cali vibe – full of MacBooks and beautifully fit, chilled people sipping from bright glasses of freshly pressed juices – LOMAX meets your every fitness need.

Lomax studio

As we waited for our class, doors swung open from the small studios that surround the gym. Groups of toned, smiling, lycra-clad people headed downstairs to refuel on chia protein puddings and vegan banana bread. LOMAX keeps it’s class numbers small so that each person gets individual attention and each person develops. As I discovered in my ‘Legs Day 1 small group PT’ with Theodora, ‘individual attention’ is aka ‘nowhere to hide’… Yes, she will notice when you don’t quite complete that squat.

With a grin (maybe she knew how much our legs would be burning) Theodora welcomed us into the studio. She turned up the beats and started us on the path to strong, toned legs & butts. We lunged, jumped, stepped up and squeezed, used kettle bells, Swiss balls and benches. We squatted with a bar that packed enough weight to put us out well out of our comfort zone. But that’s the amazing thing about sessions with great personal trainers like Theodora: you trust them. Under their watchful eye you will jump higher, lunge deeper, sprint faster and squat heavier than you ever thought possible.


With their small group PT sessions LOMAX has brought together an awesome combination. They offer the camaraderie of gym classes with the personal attention and focus of a 1-2-1 PT session.

Everything at LOMAX is carefully thought out and tailored so there’s no filler. There are no generic classes, no apathetic trainers and no bits of outmoded gym kit from the 90s lying around: everything here is the best. But for somewhere that takes health and fitness so seriously, LOMAX also has an amazingly chilled, friendly vibe. Maybe that’s because everyone who walks through the doors can relax knowing that their health, fitness and wellness really are in safe hands.

** LOMAX has range of classes including Barre, Blast (HIIT based) and Supple Circuits and offers ‘pay-as-you-go’ fitness with no membership or joining fees**

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