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Each day we make choices that can support our body in staying healthy and strong.

We humans, have a responsibility to take care of what was given to us as a gift of creation. By cultivating health-boosting habits and daily practices, we can promote well-being and longevity; we can move freely and reach a fitness level which allows us to enjoy life beyond just managing to survive. We often get trapped in following a regimented lifestyle due to responsibilities and life demands. For some, breaking out of it becomes hard to achieve. Others, understand the need to maintain a healthy body because they have taken the time to spend with their body.

Our actions are determined and somewhat shaped by how we feel. Both, the mind, and the body are involved in the thinking process. Our body awareness affects how we interpret the raw information hitting our eyes. The body gives the input the mind needs to generate a sense of being while processing emotions.

When we have everything we need but somehow it is still not enough, what happens to the search for balance?

The body requires a certain amount of rest in addition to exercise and a nutritious diet to be healthy. Our diet and lifestyle affect our mood, therefore, our behaviour changes. A diet rich with sugar and fatty food could make you irritable and lethargic. Since the body drives what we decide, wouldn’t it be wise to spend time reading our body signals?

Change starts when you make a conscious decision to get to know your body and observe your state of mind. The body needs to be treated with care and rewarded with moments of gratitude you spend daily with yourself.

I try to wake up early to sit still in bed to appreciate everything around me; I do the same thing in the evening before I go to sleep.

Looking after your body sets you free from much more than tension; you gain a sense of freedom when you stop feeling guilty; you get rid of negative emotions in your body.

We might not be able to change or shift responsibilities, but we can take charge of our emotions and dedicate time to feel what it means to be human.

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