Core Muscles 101

Core Muscles 101 Let’s talk about one of the most admired parts of the human body, the stomach. A toned and sculpted midsection seems to be on every fifties’ list of things to achieve. It’s a power statement […]

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Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead In the lead up to Halloween, here at GingerOrange we are celebrating the origin of our ‘La Reina Mora’ leggings – The Mexican holiday of Day Of The Dead. In the UK and US, […]

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Sakura No Hana Leggings

6 tips for yoga beginners

6 Tips for Yoga Beginners As a novice Yogi myself, I only recently changed my perception of Yoga. Not long ago I equated the practice with unimaginably bendy people and impossible limb twisting positions. And if once like […]

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What’s your superfood?

What’s your superfood? There has been a lot of hype in recent years about ‘superfoods’, from goji berries, acai, quinoa to kale juices…but what actually is a superfood? There is no actual legal or medical definition but I […]

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Egg And Salmon Stack


10 REASONS TO EAT EGGS It’s hard to ignore that it’s eggs galore at this time of year so we thought we’d put our tuppence-worth in too.  Here’s our top 10 reasons why the humble egg is one […]

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