Ginger Orange Guide: Good Vibes

It seems the biggest hindrance to many leading a busy life yet wanting an efficient and productive workout is time. The hectic pace of today’s non-stop 24-hour lifestyle makes fitting in a couple of hours at the gym seem like an impossibly ambitious task. Every moment seems to count, and in bustling London, time simply cannot afford to be wasted. So it comes with little wonder that Good Vibes Studio, tucked away on Betterton Street in Covent Garden has come up with the solution; merging two of the most current and effective exercise regimes, they provide a class that brings optimum results in a minimal amount of time. What’s the catch? Other than a considerable struggle going up and down the stairs the next day there isn’t one!

Combining Power Plates and High Intensity Interval Training, they have managed to devise the best express workout in London. The short 25-minute class brings together both cardio and resistance training on the plate for the ultimate fat burning workout, leaving the busiest of go-getters without an excuse!


The sciencey bit- the Power Plate machine is designed to give the body’s muscles a high speed intense workout by using vibrations as stimulation; stimulating the muscles causes them to contract and relax frequently, up to 50 times per second! Many muscle groups are simultaneously activated and the vibrations are able to help break down fat cells, enhance muscle tone, improve circulation and balance whilst decreasing recovery time from injuries and of course the time spent actually exercising.

As the first independent Power Plates studio in the UK, we were excited to give one of Good Vibes Power Plate classes a whirl. We arrived at the small space in Covent Garden on a rainy mid-week evening and was greeted with a friendly face and complimentary peppermint and licorice tea before the class began. No shoes, no phones, no bags and so no distractions. Once in the brightly lit studio we got straight in to it with a quick warm up on the plate. The machine is set to continuous time so you roll from exercise to exercise. During the speedy class we squeezed in a variety of compound cardio and isolated resistance exercises, from squats, lunges, planks, press-ups and crunches to bicep curls and front raises. Similarly to standard HIIT, the bursts were high intensity lasting 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. Barely having time to catch a breath in those short 10 seconds, it is a tough class but far from dull. The class ended on a slightly more relaxing note, with the Power Plates being used as massage tools for our weary muscles. (The vibrations felt particularly heavenly on the hamstrings)
good-vibes-studioWith only 6 spots available in a class you get real assistance and support, and with just myself and another partaking in the class I attended, it felt very much like a personal training session. We were given a great level of attention, from the teacher, Chelsea, a dancer come Power Plate master; she was able to keep a close eye on me, correcting some of my positions and postures so I was able to get the most out of my workout. I got continuous motivation when I really started to feel the burn (squatting on a power plate is no easy feat- ouch!)

So a full body, fully varied workout in a speedy 25 minutes …perfect for those of us pressed for time, for those who need to look great fast or simply for those who fancy an innovative change up from their regular routine. The class was short but certainly sweaty; if you want to take it down a gear but still fancy giving Power Plates a spin, Good Vibes offers a range of different classes from Power Plate Conditioning to others targeting particular body areas.

Written by Sophie