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Ginger Orange Guide: Top 10 yoga studios in London

  1. Creative Yoga London

Creative Yoga offers a range of classes all about connecting people together. Aside from classic yoga styles within the timetable; CreativeYoga also bring a social side to yoga, encouraging yogi’s to participate in weekly social yoga as well as rave yoga for weekend nights! If you are coupled up then CreativeYoga offers a class for partners, however if you are looking for that someone special there is an opportunity to find them amongst the yogi’s of London in the studios Yoga Dating sessions. Classes are not only available in the studios but in outside locations such as Regents Park. Best for yogis looking to share their passion for yoga.

Award: Most versatile yoga in London


  1. Yogasphere– The Shard

Yogasphere offer a wide range of breath taking locations for their vinyasa flow style classes, with no exception for the yogi’s of London, Yogasphere host weekly classes on the 69th floor of the Shard. Open to all levels; overlooking the best possible view of the city, Yogasphere offers a great awakening on a Saturday morning. Best for a #YogaSelfie

A6-Shard-Yoga-Side-1-rgbAward: Class with the best view


  1. Fat Buddha Yoga

Fat Buddha YogaFor a class guaranteed to give you a great location and an even better soundtrack, Fat Buddha Yoga is perfect for yogis of all levels. Led by Jessica Skye (Yoga obsessive and DJ) Fat Buddha Yoga offers a range of exciting venues in East London.
Specializing in pop-up classes, whether you fancy the view from a rooftop or the luxury of a hotel! There’s bound to be something for everyone. The classes are vinyasa flow style and can be attended by new comers, experienced yogis or pros.

Award: Best soundtrack

4. Secret Yoga Club

secretyogaclubThe exciting sociable aspects of Secret Yoga are definitely not a secret! Set up by Gabrielle Hales- Jivamukti  yoga junkie- The Secret Yoga Club offers a new social standing for the yogis of London who want to socialize after a class without harming their quest for health. Following the class with a table surrounded by food is just part of the schedule for a booking with The Secret Yoga Club who promote a sociable healthy meal for all yogi’s after vinyasa practice. With ever-changing secret locations, this is great for Yoga’s who are after an exciting and jam-packed evening!

Award: Most sociable yoga in London

  1. Dogadoga

Promoting the physical benefits of yoga alongside the sacred union of pet and owner, Doga provides an adaptation of yoga for yogis and their furry friends! Set up by Mahnny Djahunguiri in Camden/Primrose Hill since 2012 and soon will be hosting new classes in East London/Hoxton area (January 2016), Doga incorporates her passion for energetic Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa practice with her love for Robbie the Maltese pup. Great for anyone who’s interested in switching up their everyday dog walks for something a bit different!  Also, stay tuned for a new book release which is coming soon: “Doga – yoga for you and your dog”!

Award: Most animal friendly

  1. Battersea Yoga

Tired of the ever moving pace and buzz of the city, Battersea Yoga offers a sanctuary from urbanisation whilst remaining in the heart of the city. Specializing in Hatha yoga, post and pre-natal classes, meditation and bioenergetics just to name a few, the restored farmhouse studio provides the perfect comforting country feel for full relaxation. If in need of a full detox, Battersea Yoga offers ‘Urban retreats’ including a chance to set your personal goals for the future, go on long walks and a choice of veggie meals for the weekend. Perfect for those who need to escape London without the travel!

Award: Best for escaping city life


  1. Good Vibes, Covent Gardengood-vibes-studio

Sighing as you’re on the way to the office passing studios and yogis roaming the streets of London in their capris’ and trainers? GoodVibes strives to be able help those leading a busy working life to gain the balance and opportunity to benefit from all yoga has to offer. Ditching meditation and philosophy, GoodVibes focuses on a practical and mindful approach to yoga that centres around science, anatomy and the very best movements for your body. Dedicating classes to information and real world events, Goodvibes is perfect for those of you just trying to fit in your weekly fix around your working life!

Award: Best for everyday life

  1. Globe House Yoga, London Bridge


Looking for your dream studio space, Globe House Yoga screams at those interested in the trendier side of yoga. With studios showcasing sensational artwork inside the building beautiful brick and woodwork, an awe-inspiring space has been created. Focusing on the balance between darkness and light, flexibility and strength; Globe House Yoga’s drop in classes offers a unique shadow yoga class hard to find elsewhere in the streets of London! Encouraging independent yoga instructors to teach classes to drop in members of the country busiest city, Globe House Yoga is creating an ever-growing comprehensive yoga community.

Award: An Urbanites dream studio space

  1. Yotopia, Covent Garden


Build up a sweat with Yotopia. Yotopia offers a range of Hot Yoga classes with the state of the art heating/humidification systems fitted in their Covent Garden based studios. With classes aimed at toning, strength and balance alongside the traditional classes in Yotopia’s timetable, the state of the art studios offers a wide range of yoga for a wide range of yogis. Best for those looking to boost immunity and release stress.

Award: Hottest studio

  1. AntiGravity Fitness


Constantly rising in popularity is Christopher Harrison’s anti-gravity fitness studios. Offering new and exciting anti-gravity or ‘hammock’ yoga, the aerial yoga classes provide a weightless feel that aids balance for refining the perfect pose! As well as aerial yoga classes the studios offer ant-gravity dance and fitness classes. Best for a yogi looking for a brand new experience!

Award: Best for balance

Written by Hayleigh