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Ginger Orange Guide: Frame Shoreditch 

Frame Shoreditch  is a quirky fitness studio, tucked away in trendy East London. A vast variety of classes are on offer with separate studios for fitness, dance pilates yoga and fusion classes. The studio is set under railway arches just off Shoreditch High Street and if you haven’t yet heard of Frame then you are really missing out.

A place to move, sweat and fuel your frame; they offer exercises routines with an edge, from energetic 80s aerobics to feel-good cardio raves; they are workouts with a difference, aiming to get you fit whilst having lots of fun.

Upon arriving at the studio the music could be heard blaring out of the colourful exterior. The nondescript old wooden door that is the entrance felt as though we were entering some kind of secret mysterious club. The studio screams Shoreditch; bright colours, retro lights, Instagram-worthy quotes on the walls and a station to get a healthy snack or juice fix. The fitness studio’s interior was just as edgy with its exposed brick, windowless walls and bright neon lights creating a cool atmosphere.

Frame Shoreditch

Frame Box-Train class is not for the faint hearted, be prepared to work hard, sweat and feel a serious burn. The non-stop 45-minute class is split into three stations: floor exercises, punch bags and treadmills with two grueling rounds on each station. From the warm up there was no let up. If you’re in need of burning off some steam or taking some pent up frustration out the old fashioned way then this class is perfect for you.

The pumping music and watchful eyes of instructor Isha Campbell were great motivators. She was on the ball, super motivational and didn’t allow for any slacking. Despite the inevitable jelly legs making my way back to the tube I have to say I felt energized, uplifted and de-stressed after the intense class.

The floor exercises meant using your own body weight as your tool; from jump squats, intense plank variations, mountain climbers and burpees, there is little time to catch a breath.

Frame ShoreditchYou get your cardio fix on the treadmill, set at a constant running speed for the duration with the incline increasing every minute; a tough but quick way to burn calories and fat.

My favourite station was the punch bags. They enabled a really fun and dynamic full body workout, an ideal way to relieve the stresses of the workday and release any built up frustration.

Box-Train will certainly grant you a killer full body workout and it proved a perfect class to re-energise and unwind. At the end you will have a massive sense of relief but also great satisfaction in completing the class. Frame offers a fun, sociable but very effective approach to fitness. The vigorous classes will certainly get you results and you’ll leave the studio feeling great.

Frame Shoreditch

Written by Sophie

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