Top 10 UK Fitness Bloggers

Top 10 UK fitness Bloggers


The Internet is bursting with an array of fitness and health gurus eager to share their expertise, tips and knowledge with us. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite fitness bloggers who we believe to be trusty guides, able to motivate us on our wellness journey. If you’re searching for some fresh reading material to motivate, excite and inspire you to achieve that better body then look no further… Here’s a list of our favourites to give us that extra dose of fitspiration. They are pushing their bodies to the limits and inspiring us to do the same!

1 Name: Faya Nilsson


Bio: Faya is a Swedish personal trainer based in London. Fitness on Toast is a winning combination of fitness, nutrition, fashion and travel, which Faya brings to life with stunning photography and an informal and friendly writing style. You get the feeling that you’re learning from a pal instead of a trainer. ‘A lot of fitness advice sites seem to have an agenda to sell you something. I wanted Fitness On Toast to be an unbiased, honest, organic view on fitness, nutrition and fashion – all in one single, friendly and accessible place,’ says Faya. Mission accomplished.


2 Name: Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena

Bio: Our most recent Hero of the Month, Carly is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger from Norwich. Her popular YouTube channel continues to gain subscribers and her blog is not to be missed. When she started making videos it was her subscribers that made her realise just how much she loved fitness. She loved receiving photos of her followers transformations and realised that she had to turn her passion into a career! Her beautiful blog is vibrant and brimming with colour and personalty; from personal diary blogs, effective workouts, tried and tested recipes to general life tips; get the down low on all things fashion, fitness and food related with Carly.


3 Name: Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Elise Millen

Bio: Lydia is a fashion blogger who recently made dramatic changes to her life style and diet. Within the year she now has one of the most enviable figures on the internet. From fashion to fitness she shares personal advice, recipes and updates on her own progression. Her blog will motivate you to get down to your local gym and sweat it out in your most fashionable active-wear.

Her inspiring journey received an over-whelming response enabling her to work alongside some incredible iconic brands such as Head sportswear, Champney’s Health Resorts and JD Sports. Follow her journey and be inspired to start yours.


4 Name: Julia Buckley

Julia Buckley
: Julia is a fitness trainer based in London, she shares support and advice on fitness and fat loss on her blog. She also has an online gym allowing you to do effective workouts from the comfort of your own home and her book The Fat Burn Revolution gives insight into the most efficient fat loss methods. So if you’re ready to strip away the fat, define those muscles and become the best possible version of yourself then look no further! Julia’s blog is teaming with great regimes to get you in tip-top shape.


5 Name: Laura Fountain

image (10)
: Journalist Laura Fountain epitomizes all of us who managed to get out of school PE lessons, avoided exercise like the plague and still continued our distaste for all things fitness well into adulthood (drunk nightclub dancing does not count). In 2008 Laura took the plunge and at the age of 26 decided it was time to get fit and so she began running. She proves that keeping a record of your progress is the best way to be held responsible and can really aid you in your goals. Talking of her blog she says ‘Sometimes I’m not sure whether the blogging kept the running going or vice versa but they’ve definitely complemented each other.’ Her blog is ideal for every kind of runner, from novices to wannabe-athletes, it covers a vast range of things, from workout gear reviews to the best training techniques. Lazygirlrunning is full of humour and fun, get reading runners.


6 Name: Gemma Seager

Laura Fountain
: Gemma gives us an exciting insight into the unfamiliar sport that is Roller Derby. She writes about all things health, throwing in the occasional treat recipe for good measure. She first started Lipstick, Lettuce and Lycra as she was initially after somewhere she could vent and share her thoughts on diets, the trials and tribulations of eating healthily when travelling, exercise, sportswear and how to achieve a balanced lifestyle (cupcake in one hand, celery stick in the other?). Her blog can be described as part diary, part place to share tips and reviews on fitness and general health. Gemma is all about moderation in all things. Her blog is about finding an exercise you love, and learning to improve. But mostly it’s about taking tiny steps to make yourself look and feel better. In her own words, ‘You don’t have to be sporty to do sport. You can eat healthily and still love food’.


7 Name: Lottie Murphy

Lottie Murhpy

Bio: Lottie started her healthy lifestyle blog after finding that many like herself were searching for answers to become healthier, fitter and happier. She is all about balance, positivity, and keeping it simple. She admits that you could quite easily catch her with a green juice in hand one day and a glass of red the next. Her blog is a mixture of healthy recipes, Pilates workouts, reviews of her favourite activewear, lifestyle tips and honest personal posts about life. Her aim is to inspire people to reach for big goals, be present and care less about what the rest of the world thinks. She hopes to inspire people to simply be themselves.

Lottie actually started her fitness career in the world of ballet, but it’s Pilates that she’s passionate about now, she runs her own YouTube channel with short and sweet workout videos.


8 Name: Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax

Lunges & Lycra

Bio: Lunges and Lycra is a blog for women who like sweating, fitness and also the odd tipple or two. Brought to you by Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax they first launched their blog in 2012. They wanted to create something for women like themselves; people who wanted balance, those of us who appreciate the burn of a decent gym session or the freshness of a kale and quinoa salad just as much as they enjoy a pint of Ben and Jerrys or a large G&T. Their blog features a mixture of workouts, interviews, reviews of classes and current and cool health and fitness happenings. They document their fitness journeys, they test everything from the latest running shoes to the trendiest classes like anti-gravity yoga. They are an honest and relatable pair, sharing tips with a touch of humour.


9 Name: Ruth Field

image (8)

Bio: The Grit Doctor, Ruth Field is certainly one of a kind. With her bold and humorous approach, the tough-talker takes away the rulebook to help you take back control. If you’re lacking the motivation to exercise she is the no-excuses guru for you. She is exactly what you need if you want to get into shape, but find yourself being your own obstacle. If you’re ever in need of motivation to squeeze into that lycra and adorn those dusty trainers then a visit to her blog is just a click away. ‘It’s aimed at anyone who has a sense of humour and is ready to ditch their excuses and tackle whatever it is in their lives that needs changing,’ explains Ruth. ‘It’s different to other blogs in that there is no sugar coating.’

As a mother of twin sons Ruth knows the difficulties that come with a hectic lifestyle, lets be inspired and motivated by her.


10 Name: Cat Meffan

Cat Meffan

Bio: Cat is a jewellery designer from Hertfordshire, her blog Imperfect Matter, is full of vibrancy highlighted by her active lifestyle. She grew up as a gymnast and ballerina so fitness has always been a big part of her life. As well as showcasing her endless supply of stylish workout gear, Meffan’s blog also shows her doing a varied regime including everything from running to hiking to yoga. Imperfect Matter is a hub for all things health and fitness related. Cat’s goal is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things she loves most, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives by reviewing the best products, brands and classes. She also dabbles in some healthy recipes. She posts about her personal fitness journey – the highs, the lows and everything in between.


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