Ginger Orange guide face mask

It’s Face Time.

I’ve always been fascinated with natural beauty remedies. When I walk into a cosmetics store I often feel overwhelmed by the thousands of beauty lotions and potions claiming to have magical youth defining properties. Besides does anyone really want to spend all morning applying layers of creams in order to achieve perfect skin? Surely there must be a more efficient, not to mention cheaper, way to get the desired glow. We all know that exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of water is the first step to achieving clear, healthy skin. But we have found a cheap and cheerful way to treat your skin and we have even gone to the trouble of testing when out for you…

So here it is Ginger Orange reviews five, under five quid, natural face mask fixes…

1. The Famous Charcoal. There have been so many claims surrounding the magical detoxing properties of charcoal. It’s so hot on the beauty bloggers list that people are washing in it, brushing their teeth with it and even including it as part of their diet! So I was eager to find out it the famous charcoal peel off mask was a myth or legend. As soon as the glossy black liquid glided over face I fell in love with the face mask. It smelt surprisingly fruit and felt luxurious to apply to the skin. After 30 minutes of drying (slightly longer than the recommended time) the mask was ready for the grand finale. It was time to peel. Removing the face was incredibly satisfying and you could see all the dirt from my pores had been completely pulled away. What can I say? Charcoal is a legend, not a myth.

Ginger Orange guide face mask2. Super food, super face? This one is definitely for you health nuts out there. My next face mask contained the super food goji berry and also sea buckthorn- food for your face! I didn’t expect much from this hydrating face mask nevertheless I did not disappoint. Unlike most moisturisers which can be thick and often make your face feel slimy. The texture of this mask was light, foamy and free of oil. There was also plenty in the sachet so I smothered it all over my face, neck and chest. My final verdict: super impressed and would definitely purchase again!

3. Cavia Clay mask, yes you heard right cavia and clay. Together. This purifying face mask contained active sea minerals and a slightly fishy smell. The combination of cavia and clay wasn’t something I would have immediately put together. Afterall, fish drying like clay on your face. Doesn’t exactly sound like a dream spa treat does it? After the messy application and the slightly suspicious whiff; I began to wonder if there were any pro to this odd face mask due? It was time to rinse. Usually after using purifying masks or gels the pores dry up however this mask left my face beautifully soft- neither oily or dry. I have to admit, it does what it says on the packet.

4. Oh honey, I’m home. The moment I opened the honey sheet face mask I knew I was not going to regret it. Feeling like a goddess the fruity, sugary and (as the packet suggests) juicy mask was divine. The golden liquid made me feel like a Queen Bee and as I bathed my face in it I began to forget I was sat at home in my living room. Instead I let my mind drift to thoughts of spa and exotic holidays in Bali… While I started to wonder whether I had just landed on the natural beauty trick of the century, it came to my attention that I might achieve exactly the same result simply my using a honey of my own choice. Days later I purchase a pot of local honey, mixed it with some a little lemon and it’s safe to say, I am still a beautiful Queen bee.

5. The classic cucumber. Ah would you like to spend £4 on slices of cucumber that look exactly like cucumber, in fact contain cucumber, but are not cucumber. No? Well hear me out. While this mask might seem like a waste of time/money the fun and convenience of the delicious looking “slices” of cucumber make it a perfect mask for a pampering party. Instead of awkwardly balancing real slices of cucumber on your eyes this mask allows you to start other areas of dryness on your face, frustration free. It’s utterly refreshing, looks hilarious and there another slices to go around.

Now it’s over to you. Keep it natural, keep it affordable and enjoy feeding your face. Happy days.

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