5 Top Tips to Eating Beautiful for Spring 2016

With our tips on nutritional beauty, you can eat and drink your way to clearer, smoother skin, bright eyes and glossy hair. So whether you’re striding through the streets of Soho or Omming on a beach at sunrise, you can do it all with a gorgeous inner and an outer glow.

1. Avocados: These multitasking beauties are packed with biontin (also known as Vit H) which can improve keratin structure, helping your hair and nails grow long and strong; fatty acids to help keep your skin plump and moisturised; and vitamin C – necessary for the creation of collagen and elastin, which support firm skin. If that isn’t enough they are full of antioxidants to help fight environmental damage from free radicals: so your skin can stay youthful and you can keep your avocado-fuelled glow.

2. Pomegranates: As well as being chocked full of antioxidants, what’s rather unusual about the pomegranate is it’s anti microbial properties – keeping skin clear and even protecting against dental plaque. They also up your ‘salad game’: just throw a handful of pomegranate seeds on any salad and pretend you’re Ottelenghi.

Avocado3. Coconut Oil: Swap out your vegetable oils and butters for coconut oil. Unlike most other oils, which contain long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil’s fatty acids are medium-chain – making them easier to digest. It is reported that easing this strain on the gut can help heal common skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis from the inside – out. Plus, you can use it as a chemical free moisturiser: the sweet exotic smell will make you feel like you’re wafting down a beach (and not actually on your way to work).

4. Lemon infused water: Start your day with warm water infused with lemon (and not a double espresso) and know you’re doing something amazing for your body. Drinking lemon water is a great way to detox: it helps flush toxins from the body and balances PH levels, (unlike coffee, which is acidic for the body), making it fantastic for clearing and brightening skin. If you’ve had one too many glass of wine recently, lemon water also supports liver function, helping your body rebalance.

5. Broccoli: This cheap and cheerful superfood might be shunned by kids across the world, but it can set you on the path to bright, clear eyes. Broccoli contains Vitamin A which helps prevent dry eyes as well as a wealth of antioxidants and minerals that support eye function. To get the full benefits of broccoli, eat it raw… although that doesn’t mean you can’t slather it in hummus.

Top all this off with plenty of water (2 litres of filtered a day) and soon friends will be asking you where you get your facials done: you can tell them it’s at your local fruit & veg stall.

Written by Martha

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