Day Of The Dead

In the lead up to Halloween, here at GingerOrange we are celebrating the origin of our ‘La Reina Mora’ leggings – The Mexican holiday of Day Of The Dead. In the UK and US, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October with carving pumpkins, costumes and trick or treating. La-reina-MoraHowever the Mexican tradition ‘ Dia De Los Muertos’ (translating to Day Of the Dead) is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November and is all about paying homage to loved ones who have passed.

The idea behind day of the dead originates back to Aztec times, where it was believed that heaven’s gates open for the spirits of children at midnight on the 31st of October allowing them to reunite with their loved ones for 24 hours. Followed by adult’s spirits at midnight on the 1st November who return to earth to enjoy the celebrations their families still on earth had prepared for them.

Mexican Day of the dead altar created entirely for this image session. Carefully arranged all eth pieces, candles and flowers.

Dia De Los Muertos can be celebrated in many different ways and is usually dependent on decorations centering patterns of flowers and skulls. Traditionally families set up altars in their home with offerings laid out for the spirits, to honour ‘angelitos’ (spirits of children who have passed) toys and sweets are left out while alcohol and cigarettes are left out for adult spirits.

Day of The Dead is all about celebrating life, so celebrate yours!

Written by Hayleigh