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Ginger Orange Guide: Crossfit

With now over 9,000 CrossFit affiliated gyms worldwide, popularity continues to rise for ‘the sport of fitness’. We take a look into the world of CrossFit and why it’s so popular.

CrossFit, fundamentally, is training that changes everyday to hit every factor of what is believed to ‘forge elite fitness’. Coach Greg Glassman took several decades to develop the fitness regime that is recognised as CrossFit today, he was said to have defined fitness in a new way; from a meaningful and mathematical perspective. CrossFit defines the fitness regime as ‘constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity’ but it’s not just about building that elite body that we all yearn for. A big part of its success comes from joining the CrossFit community. The presence of CrossFit online and in gyms all over the world is ever growing and the intensity of the tight knit community may be to blame for the consistent results seen of many swapping their repetitive routines for CrossFit. With spontaneous community workouts and the official CrossFit website releasing a new fitness challenge to complete everyday (with a comment sections for those taking part) the constant motivation and support promotes a higher percentage of fitness beginners sticking to their new routine and health goals.

As a training philosophy, Cross-fit aims to improve each individuals well being and cardiovascular fitness no matter what their shape or size, as although there is no shying away from the hardcore physicality of the programme, the CrossFit community exude an accepting and encouraging mantra. With the aim being a general and inclusive fitness, CrossFit aims to prepare trainees for the physical challenges of life, the known and the unpredictable. To have the physical strength, speed, agility, flexibility to allow your body to adapt to any physical task.

Here at GingerOrange we see CrossFit as a great form of exercise for those who tolerate the tedium of repetitive routines, those who count down the last minutes on the treadmill or those who thrive off consistent support and motivational challenges. If a range of workouts and opportunity to tackle something new everyday appeals to you, CrossFit offer training and certifications for everyone ranging from beginners to fitness fanatics. CrossFit define their specialty as ‘not specialising’ so why can’t we have it all?

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