Boom Cycle

Ginger Orange Guide to BOOM Cycle

It’s spin, but not as you know it.

Standing loud and proud on Proctor Street in Holborn is BOOM Cycle.

Ginger Orange ventured over on a sunny weekday morning and was greeted by chalk boards shouting phrases like ‘Sore today, strong tomorrow!’, retro pop beats and a Boston terrier called Stringer Bell who wrapped himself around our legs and helped ease our pre class nerves. As the super friendly guys at reception checked us in and asked if we needed to borrow cycle shoes (BOOM provides them if you haven’t brought your own, ensuring that each member gets the best, most effective workout – no ‘running shoes rattling around in plastic cages’ here!), we confessed we were just a tiny bit nervous. As the words left our lips, a lycra and leopard print clad woman with a slick of red lipstick walked past and whispered in our ear: ‘That’s awesome – if you aren’t nervous before a workout, you aren’t working out hard enough!’

That experience is at the core of BOOM Cycle: We’re in this together, we’re going to sweat together, work out crazy hard together and we’re going to do it while looking fierce.

And then the doors to the studio swung open and we we’re off…


Our class was taught by Bangs, with her sweeping long ponytail, killer hoop earrings and abs to die for. To a soundtrack of Bang’s favourite beats (you will beg her to DJ your parties) we pushed, sprinted, sweated, jumped, ground out results and then towelled down, fixed our hair and took a sip of water before cranking up the resistance and doing it all again. We even gave our arms a serious workout with the dumbbells strapped to the back of each bike. By the last track, the atmosphere in the class was amazing: we were feeling euphoric as our thighs burned, people were whooping and Bangs was off her bike, throwing out some serious dance moves in front of each spinner to help motivate us up this final hill.

Not only does BOOM make spinning empowering, dynamic and cool (as well as being an amazing workout), they have also invested in the best kit. The bikes they use are slick and sturdy with no wobbly frames or loose clips, they give out cycle shoes so everyone can clip in, have great touches in the changing rooms like hair straighteners and cotton buds (they want you to get that flick of eyeliner just right) and have a stand of chilled drinks and snacks so you can refuel after class.

Our conclusion is that BOOM Cycle makes for an amazing combination of hip, healthy and hardcore. One thing’s for sure – RPM it ain’t!… and we will definitely be coming back.

Written by Martha

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