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Ginger Orange Goes to Be:Fit London

Last week we went to the fabulous Be:Fit London expo for three days of power smoothies, sweaty classes and inspiringly fit women. Here are some of our highlights…

Now, we know that there’s nothing like an early yoga class to set us up for the day, but morning yoga lead by the legendary rebel yogi Tara Stiles…? That’s how we started each day at Be:Fit London and, each day, we practically bounced out of the studio filled with love, light and positive energy (albeit with shaky limbs)!

Through her practice, Tara encouraged us to feel centred and grounded while also allowing us to challenge ourselves and be liberated with our movement. After each freeing flow sequence, Tara urged to try our headstands, handstands and crow poses. We can happily report that we found a (wobbly) side crow for the first time – nothing like having a cheer team of 100 yogis to help you achieve things you didn’t think possible!

We left the class on a yoga high and went straight over to explore the various stands, meet the exhibitors … and the food they were exhibiting. Our favourite was the raw cacao mint protein bar from the guys at BodyMe. Plant-based, organic and packing 16g of protein with a full amino acid profile – this is a hero of a healthy protein bar (while also tasting like mint choc chip ice cream which can never, ever, be a bad thing).


There were talks by some of the most inspirational and celebrated people in fitness. James Duigan – trainer to some of the world’s most famous bodies, including Elle Macpherson and David Gandy – told us to cut the CRAP (caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed food) and Clean Eating Alice made us gorgeous oat flour raspberry and lemon muffins and then showed us just why she has those 300K Instagram followers (super friendly, massive smile, HIIT expert… and abs you could grate a carrot on).

We sampled green smoothies, checked out blenders that can make ice cream in less than a minute (!) and sipped matcha-infused coconut milk from Rebel Mylk when we needed a pick-me-up.

Then, possibly a little giddy from all the matcha, we decided to take a Rebound mini trampoline class: as we tried to control our flailing limbs (and fits of laughter) we could almost have missed the fact that we were getting an amazing workout. As our instructor explained to us, working out on the trampoline is not only great cardio training and kind to your joints, it’s also detoxing (who knew?!) as the springing has a pumping affect on the lymphatic system which helps the body eliminate harmful toxins.

And then… then there was music… there were bikes… there was Boom Cycle: 1hr of killer tunes, low lighting and sweat. A pootle through Victoria Park on a Boris Bike it ain’t – Boom Cycle lived up to it’s reputation for being immersive, hardcore training. Fortunately, in our La Reina Mora leggings, we were feeling pretty hardcore too and ground out a killer training session before heading home (via two or three tasty cereal bars from the lovely guys at Perkier who could tell we were in need of some sustenance!)

Over the three exciting days, we learned, we explored, we were inspired… and we sweated – thank you Be:Fit London!

Written by Martha

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