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7 Reasons to Stop everything right now and do Pilates

I have heard every excuse imaginable including: “I have a hangnail,” and “I’m over weight. I need to lose ten pounds before I can practice Pilates”. Ummmm, that’s the whole point! Get into your body. Move! Give yourself the joy of movement you secretly (or not so secretly) crave! Stop everything and do Pilates NOW!  Here’s why:

1. Stress Buster: Forget the chiselled abs and a perfectly sculpted rear-end. How about just an hour to get out of the head and into your body?

2. Breathe: When’s the last time you took a full breath in and a full breath out with awareness? Breathing is a companion to stress busting and the most important ingredient to a Pilates practice.

3. After Glow:  “Well, I sure wish I hadn’t practiced Pilates today,” said no one, ever. You will certainly feel better after a Pilates session. Plus you’ll be glowing from inside out and your whole body will be buzzing blissfully.

4. Hasta La Vista Aches and Pains: Ok, so maybe one class isn’t going to fix a chronic injury or long standing pain, but Pilates will get you on the right path by working to rebalance the muscles around your bones. English Translation: Pilates exercises restore balance to your body and in doing so
help to manage our aches and ouchies.Pilates tips

5. Pilates for better Sex: That was the brave title of a workshop my colleague taught some time ago. This popular class filled up in a few hours. Pilates teaches you how locate, activate and use your kegel muscles (aka Pelvic floor).

6. Super Powers: Whether you’re a strength training junkie, cyclist or an avid golfer, Pilates will give you legitimate super powers. When you learn to isolate muscles, move efficiently and train your body to work smarter not harder all the other activities you do will become effortless.

7. Look Better in 5 Seconds Flat: How? Pilates Posture! How you hold your body is a greater indicator of attractiveness then clothing, fabulous make-up or just good genes. Slouchy-slumpy posture not only ages you, but it’s entirely unattractive.

Written by Natalya