Why the morning starts the night before?

Ginger Orange brings you the best way to make the most of your morning routine.

Summer is here, which means party season. BBQs in the park after work and cocktails to celebrate another successful week… Soon enough the booze, binging and the late nights start to affect your fitness routine. Before you know it the summer will be gone and with it your bikini body you work so hard to achieve. Being a committed yogi means balancing out work and play. Having early nights and clean eating (yes and drinking!) has to be a priority most of the week if you want to look and feel on top form at all those garden parties. At Ginger Orange we believe the best way to stay healthy and happy on your yogi journey is what happens just before your head hits the sack!

1. Set it in stone… well on paper at least! Planning ahead is an excellent way to clear your mind for Sweet Dreams and ensure you achieve your goals the next day. Whether it’s cute, neon post sticks with cheeky little reminders of your goals for the next day or a colour coded spreadsheet with detailed plan of the week ahead. Whatever you wish to achieve you need to write it down! By structuring your week ahead you’re much more likely to get important work done and have a fun, task-free weekend.

2. Tidy room, tidy mind. Your mother really did know best. What you do Sunday night is a game changer for the success of rest of the week. So put on a podcast and do those jobs that really drag in the middle of the week. Hoover, dust and put that sky high pile of washing away! Empty the bin and clear away the sides, you’ll soon notice how the built up anxiety quickly slips away. Finally open the window ajar to air your room and perhaps even light a scented candle to enhance the calming, clean space you’ve now created.

3. Pack it up! Are you one of those people who throws everything in their bag in the morning and by your lunchtime meeting are pulling your hair out over a very important document that has gone walkabout? While it might seem like a good idea to get a few extra minutes in bed, that morning dash to the bus means it’s unlikely you have packed your bag properly. From your breakfast bowl to your gym kit, get everything ready to go the night before. Know one likes going to bed the night before worried about the giant list they have to do in the morning. Be organised, be prepared and enjoy sleeping easy.

4. Do not disturb! Switching off means turning off! Set a time to you say goodnight to your many electronic devices.There is no reason anyone should be checking work emails past 9pm. So whack on the do not disturb, place your phone or laptop on charge and avoid endlessly scrolling through news feeds. Remember the blue light from phone and laptop screens keeps you awake longer! You might also want to avoid watching the news or anything else that you might find distressing.

5. VIP. You are a very important person and the end of the day is your time to indulge yourself in some self care. Why not take a bath with a drop of peppermint oil-perfect for relaxing those yoga legs! Or treat yourself to a face mask! Dust of that book you always say you have no time to read. Living with your partner? A simple game of cards or a board game can be a wonderful way to switch off from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

6. Better late than never never. When it comes to sleep sometimes no matter how much you need it; how many sheep you have counted, you just can’t drop off. Tossing and turning will only make you more frustrated and less likely that you will fall to sleep any quicker. There is also still much debate on how much sleep is the “perfect” amount of hours sleep. Numbers aside rest and recovery is crucial for any fitness fanatic or yoga bunny! Try not to get angry with yourself. Like your diet there will be good nights and bad nights. When you do struggle to get to sleep try to focus on relaxing, whether that’s with gentle music or flicking your a magazine. While your body is resting, you will be recovering and get all the energy you need for the next day.

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7. Meditation. Many people think of meditation as the mind’s way of becoming a black hole; to think of absolutely nothing. But the idea of being absent of thought can be incredibly overwhelming for some people, especially if you are new to meditation. Instead of thinking about nothing why not try focusing on sound or smells. Try sitting, lying or standing and simply taking the time to acknowledge your environment. Think of training the brain in the same way you train abs. While it might seem like a good idea to hold the plank for as long as possible, as a beginner you’re likely fail fast. Instead of setting unrealistic goals it’s much more achievable to do short, bursts of crunches in a couple of sets. Practise meditation in a similar way, Instead of attempting to sit for hours on end in silence, just spend 5/15 minutes focusing on your breathing and try to repeat this every night. If that gets too much? Just enjoy having a quiet moment to yourself- sit and relax.

8. You’re hot then you’re cold! Ah you’re snuggled up in your bed: onesie, heavy duvet and fluffy bed socks. But moments later you are stripping off attempting to cool back down. Only to wake up in the middle of night frozen to the bone. Why not try these three, simply tips to keep a steady temperature throughout your slumber. Firstly, keep your window a jar. If you live in the city this can prove to be a particular challenge due to the noise pollution. Why not leave it open an hour before to ensure the room is properly aired. Next, a warm honey and lemon water to sip on before bed. An easy, caffeine free way to warm you from the inside out. Finally, get naked. Sleeping in the nude will help regulate your temperature and allow your skin to breath.

9. Always look on the bright side of life. The human body naturally rises and sleeps with the hours of sunshine. So when the sun rises, it’s likely you will too! However the blue lights of phones and computers has disrupted our internal body clocks. Avoid artificial lights at least two hours before bed and leaving your curtains open slightly at night will help reset your nature body clock.

10. Set to it and stick to it. Finally, it’s a well known fact that those who try to stick to same sleep patterns each night find it easier to sleep and more importantly get up early the next day. Just like your diet and your fitness routine, perfecting your sleeping habits takes time and effort. But the more you practise, the easier it becomes!

Right, I think it’s time for some shut eye. Good night!


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