3 Good Reasons Why You Should Avoid Raw Food Diet

There is nothing wrong with improving your diet to lose weight or to try and make yourself healthier. The real issue is the information you have on the diet you want to try. True enough, many people simply […]

It’s Face Time.

It’s Face Time. I’ve always been fascinated with natural beauty remedies. When I walk into a cosmetics store I often feel overwhelmed by the thousands of beauty lotions and potions claiming to have magical youth defining properties. Besides […]

10 tips to make the most of your morning routine

Why the morning starts the night before? Ginger Orange brings you the best way to make the most of your morning routine. Summer is here, which means party season. BBQs in the park after work and cocktails to […]

A beginners guide to bouldering

Getting to grips with the latest fitness trend. Here is a beginners guide to bouldering. There is a new, colourful craze popular amongst fitness fanatics. A full body, endurance workout guaranteed to get you reaching your fitness limits. […]

Super Herbs and Spices

The Ginger Orange Guide to Super Herbs and Spices From Chinese medicine in 1000BC to balancing ‘humours’ in Medieval Europe and buying Echinacea in Boots for your cold, herbs and spices have long been recognised for their medicinal […]

Top Tips on Core Strength

Ginger Orange’s Top Tips on Core Strength   Core strength isn’t just about svelte abs and looking good in your bikini. The core muscles are deep supporting muscles in your torso and they are multitasking wonders. They support […]

Fashion Trends for Summer 2016

 Ginger Orange Guide to Fashion Trends for Summer 2016 Summer 2016 has embraced the late 90s, shunned the bikini and taken tips from Broad City’s Ilana. Ginger Orange talks you through the season’s erogenous zone, why you need […]


GINGER ORANGE GUIDE TO PROTECTING YOUR SKIN THIS SUMMER The British Summer is (sort of) upon us. But whether you’re staycationing or vacationing, you need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Yes, even on a cloudy […]

Absolute Pilates

Ginger Orange Guide to Absolute Pilates GO vs the Reformer Machine Heathman’s Road in Parsons Green is lined with quirky design agencies and boutique fitness studios. The air is infused with the smell of sweet coffee wafting from […]

Top 10 Adventure Holiday Destinations 2016

Ginger Orange’s Top 10 Adventure Holiday Destinations 2016 Need some colour in our life other than Brexit blue? Fancy sprinting up a volcano? Partying in Mexico? Or getting your chill on in Kefalonia? Whatever your reasons for grabbing […]



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